Our Mission: 2022 and Beyond

To our valued customer,

      Our mission is to provide an authentic, transparent, and affordable collection of premium hemp-made goods in an ever growing industry that continues to be burdened by harsh stigmas. Hemp has been overshadowed by the connotations of marijuana, relevant for its recreational use and temporary effects. It is a privilege to move the spotlight to hemp in recognition of recent legislation such as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

       Amend Co. diligently works to wed our customers with rewarding service and products. As a patron, your feedback is gladly accepted and will be considered for amending Amend Co. as a company. There should be no hesitation to reach out to info@amendstore.com with any concerns and questions.  An unprecedented magnitude of motivation, effort, and passion amassed here at Amend Co. to bundle excellence and satisfaction with our products so they no longer exist intangible. Hemp has, is, and continues to be our lifestyle, one naturally occurring and fulfilling.

      Our mission, from the start, has always been to offer a transparent bridge between the ripe hemp fields and our happy customers. We design, create, and distribute the finest hemp made goods all stemming from quality American grown hemp at an affordable price. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to come in contact with premium hemp made products.
The hemp industry is a promising means of opportunity. Afterall, America has been grown on this versatile plant. Even though there was a period of corruption and false advertising schemes by corporate petroleum oil companies in the 20th century, the hemp industry has since prevailed due to the passing of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill making it legal on a federal level. We strive to set the facts straight about the history of hemp and persevere the future of its cultivation through distributing lab tested, quality made hemp goods.

       The chemical and physical properties of hemp support a versatile resume of usage. Hemp’s cellulose structure provides one of the strongest naturally occurring textile fibers. Paper, building material, bag shoes, insulating purposes, and clothes are some of the many goods that can be crafted from industrial hemp. Chemically, hemp has been linked to articulating various medical benefits in the pursuit of an improved quality of life. These benefits are expressed through products in a variety of different forms including oil, tinctures, edibles, seeds, etc. Amend Co. is one of the only U.S companies that has product collections in both chemical and industrial hemp fields. The future of hemp is as bright as ever. Stay strong, stay resilient!


     The Amend Co. Team