Our Story

Amend Co. was born out of the American necessity for a company that designs, produces, and distributes quality made hemp products combined with a customer experience that is enjoyable, transparent and educational. Prior to 2018, hemp had been burdened by false advertising schemes that brain-washed American citizens into believing that hemp was evil.  Thankfully, that has all since ended when hemp became legal on a federal level in the United Stated by the passing of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, therefore igniting the hemp industry once again. 

Created in 2021 by four passionate friends and with offices now in four different states, Amend Co. continues to lead the hemp industry in bridging the gap between past knowledge and new technology through research analytics, product quality, and customer satisfaction.  We are honored to have the opportunity to  create, design and distribute our hemp made goods in America and we are equally as honored to serve you. From our lab tested hemp-derived ∆8 blends to our comfy-cozy hemp made T-shirts, we craft a wide variety of premium made hemp products that all stem from the gift of nature and the love for our community.

Our Mission continues to focus on creating industry leading products made from hemp that are safe and available for all members of our community at an affordable price. We combine this aspect of the company with providing state of the art educational services that help teach our customers, in exciting ways, about the principles of hemp as well as its importance in our future.   

We hope you join our community, all are welcome.