About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To reduce waste by designing and distributing sustainable clothing powered by plants.

Our Story

Amend Co. blossomed from the idea of utilizing the hemp plant as a tool to create useful products that do not environmentally harm the planet. Amend Co. prides itself on its high quality, 100% sustainable clothing. We have worked rigorously to perfect every detail, from the overall design, color, and dimensions, to create clothing you can wear knowing you're making a positive impact on the earth and feeling happy because of it.

To “Amend” means to improve. We are committed to improving the harsh impacts conventional, fast fashion industries have on the environment so we can protect the generations to come.

 Our Values

Our Responsibility

Our duty and responsibility is to help lead the hemp movement and raise awareness for the many uses this plant has to offer. This generation has the incredible opportunity to utilize hemp’s potential to alleviate climate change. Now is the time to educate, stand up, and create innovative hemp products that will lead to an overall positive impact on our planet for our generation and generations to come. Help make a difference by choosing hemp.

Our Factories

Our factories specialize in producing high quality hemp made textiles aimed around sustainability and innovation. Due to the lack of hemp infrastructure in the United States, we responsibly source our fabric internationally. All of the factories we partner with are involved in the Business Social Compliance Initiative, implementing good working conditions and protecting the rights of their employees. In the future, we plan to invest and build the necessary machines and factories America needs to thrive in the global hemp market.